Chapter Sixteen

Aaron got his compass out spreading the map over the hood of the truck and adjusted the map to the layout of the land. There was an old dilapidated three strand barbed wire fence that looked like it might surround the property, it seemed like the fence lined up with the map. Aaron got out his metal detector and was shocked to find an old corner pin buried under a pile of rocks at the corner of the fence. “Wow, that was fortunate!” he said. “When we drove up here I’ll be honest with you I didn’t think we would find anything!” He set up the rest of his survey equipment and off of that pin headed up the hill. Green grass was coming up everywhere with the wildflowers starting to show. Marty was paralleling them up the hill exploring the exciting scents of deer, coyote and other smaller animals, occasionally giving a halfhearted chase to a cottontail. It didn’t take long before steep hike and pleasant afternoon had the men shed down to a t-shirt. They followed the fence line across the top of a rocky hill to a post with a platform on the bottom piled up with rock to hold the post upright. There was a section pin on that corner buried into the rocky ground. They could see the next corner standing off in the distance like a lone sentinel guarding the property. The breeze was constant and felt good in the warm sunshine. When they came to the next corner Aaron took out his metal detector and searched everywhere for a pin but couldn’t find it. “Hmm, maybe it is under the pile of rocks where the corner post is.” Sam moved a couple of the large rocks and found a tin container tucked in under the rocks. He pulled it out and it had something inside of it. The lid was almost rusted shut. He sat down on a large rock and really cranked on the lid. With constant pressure it broke free revealing the contents. There were seven horseshoe nails for mending fence, a silver quarter dated 1948 and a small glass medicine bottle that had a note inside. The top was rusted tight. Sam tapped it against a rock to loosen the rust and it opened. He unrolled the plain white paper and in handwritten pencil was scratched roughly:

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

“Hmm..” Sam pondered looking at Aaron. “Do you think there is some sort of hidden treasure around here?”

Sam took a photo to show Robin and then put all of the contents back the way he found it.

“Boy, hard telling Sam, that is a comforting scripture. Was the person who used to own this a Christian?”

“Well his nephew is a missionary in China. “ Sam replied.

After searching for some time and not finding the corner pin they headed down towards the last one.

“Hey Aaron, I want to show you this spring and the caves, it’s really cool!”

They had to circle around through the middle of the property to get in under the steep bluffs. The spring was flowing well and was vibrant with life. As they approached the stream Marty growled testing the breeze that was drifting towards them. Both Sam and Aaron stopped as one large and two smaller Mule deer bucks bounced like they had springs on their feet from under a lone Cottonwood tree below them. “That buck had a decent rack!” Sam said. “He could be a toad come hunting season!” Aaron agreed as they continued up to the spring. Wildflowers were growing on both sides. It was a green oasis in the little cove. Aaron crawled inside one of the caves saying “Okay dude, if everything falls apart this one is mine!”

“You’re on buddy!” Sam laughed. Lower down the hill below the spring there was a lone cottonwood tree with grass growing around it. Aaron stopped there taking his vest off and getting his water bottle out, he sat on a large rock. Chukars were calling further up the canyon and a group answered just up the hill. “Man this is a nice place Sam. Look at that view!” Sam got into his pack retrieving his water and a package of elk jerky that he had recently made. Marty wasElk Jerkey recipe cooling off in the spring water running down the hillside. Hearing the plastic bag being removed from Sam’s pack got his attention and he moved closer to Sam. Sam threw a piece of jerky over to Aaron and also to Marty.

Aaron laid back in the tall grass chewing on it looking towards the sky. “I bet the view of the stars here would be phenomenal!”

“Yeah, I bet you could see forever this far from the city lights.” Sam agreed.

Did you know that Mother of Apostles have an observatory and it is fixed in the southeastern skies and has been for the last five years?”

What are they looking for?” Sam asked laying back as well.

“Many people think they are looking for the return of a brown dwarf star that is due to pass by earth. In theory it will potentially affect the earth’s gravitational pull and may even cause the earth to wobble on its axis. That is interesting because that coincides with what the Bible says will happen in Revelation. Some people call it planet X or Niburu, others call it a conspiracy theory. Mother of Apostles seems to know that something is coming in the skies though. Why would a church spend that much money on an observatory? It is crazy. Do you know that observatory is one of the strongest telescopes in the world. It’s very secretive which adds to the conspiracy theories surrounding it but there is one thing that is especially odd…” Aaron paused for effect and Sam looked over at him. “…they call the thing Lucifer!”

“What?” Sam sat up on an elbow looking back at Aaron, “No way! Why? That’s just weird!” especially coming from a church.”

Sam was perplexed. He never cared for that church since he was little and hearing Aaron talk about some of this stuff confirmed his gut feelings. Sam laid back down staring at the sky and contemplated about what Aaron was saying, he knew Aaron believed it too…They didn’t just have a telescope named Lucifer, were being led by Lucifer himself!”

You want me to really blow you away Sam?

“Sure” Sam said, figuring that it wouldn’t take a lot at this point.

I believe when the rapture of the church does happen, the False Prophet which I believe is sitting on his throne will announce to the world that Christians were taken by Aliens. It is all being set up preprogramming the people right now with all the movies about aliens and zombies. Even the president has mentioned there could be an alien presence and I heard the other day that the Russian president was ready to come out with a statement about it.

“Do you believe in aliens Aaron?” Sam asked.

Well, Sam, back to what Jesus said. In those days it will be like it was in the days of Noah. In those days, Satan’s angels saw that women were fine and came down having relations with them which produced offspring that were super human. They called them “the men of renowned or giants, and the Nephilim” Those were the ones when the Israelites came to the Promised Land and sent the spies in, they saw all of the giants. The spies said that they were like grasshoppers in their sight! Really big dudes!” I know this sounds crazy but there have been skeletons of these giants found all over the world.

It has always been Satan’s plan to corrupt the lineage of Christ to prevent the Savior coming to this earth. By sending the fallen angels to have sex with human women it corrupted the human DNA. There were only seven uncorrupted people on the planet, which were Noah’s family; when God sent the flood that wiped them out.

So to answer your question Aaron I don’t believe in aliens per se but do believe that “aliens” are actually Satan’s fallen angels sent to deceive mankind for the last time. When thousands of Christians disappear from the earth, these fallen angels will proclaim that they were the ones that created us and have come back to intervene on our planet to prevent our own self destruction. I think that is what is the strong delusion written in the 2 Thessalonians is referring to. Satan has used Hollywood to preprogram the people of the earth to fall for this delusion. Through this delusion will come the one world religion, one world government, one world economic system. They will say that the Christians were the ones who would not comply with the rules that they have set forth and consequently needed to be eliminated. Look around the world how it is being primed for it. The finality of it all will be taking the mark of the beast. If you do not take the mark of the beast you must be one of the Truther people or whatever they will call them. I think that when people take the mark of the beast, which I believe will be something under your skin, it will somehow do something to your body to change your DNA dooming you to eternal Hell. In Revelation it speaks about how people in those days will seek death but death will elude them. That there is eternal life.” Aaron sat up and put on his vest saying “This alien invasion and the mark of the beast will be Satan’s final deception and it is coming together exactly how it was written in the Bible. I just don’t know exactly how it will happen.

As they were walking down to the last corner pin Sam thought about what Aaron had shared with him. He had known Aaron for a long time and had always respected him. He said what he meant and did what he said. He was a guy you could count on no matter what. One of those guys that if you were stuck in the middle of the night in the ditch somewhere in the mountains you could call and know he would be there. They just didn’t make guys like that much anymore.

Suddenly a robin dove out of her nest. Sam ducked dodging the attack but the bird was persistent diving towards him several times. Marty barked at the bird and Sam laughed.

“Wow! That robin is sure protective of her nest!”

“She sure is!” Sam laughed and thought about what Aaron just said remembering his prayer at the gate.