Chapter Fifteen

Heidi was already at a table in the corner drinking a latte when Robin walked in. She left her order for a chocolate mocha at the counter and joined her.

“How are you doing?” Robin asked her, “Have you settled in after the holidays?”

“Yes, it has been nice to get the holidays behind and get back into the routine again. How about you? How are you and Sam doing?”

Robin told her about her phone conversation with Erica and the young lady who had walked off the street into their bible study. “Erica says that she is positive that this young lady has been completely cured of her addiction to Meth! Poor girl has nowhere to go that she has been living on the street for over a year now. For the last couple of days she has been staying at Erica’s place sleeping on the couch. It is crazy but she has been reading the bible nonstop since she got there. Erica hinted that maybe she could come to the farm and stay with Sam and I until she can get on her feet. I am going to ask Sam tonight. I am not sure how he is going to take it. You know how he feels about drugs. She could relapse and that could be a mess. Oh that reminds me”, said Robin, “Do you have any information on Broken Lives Fellowship Group?”

“Actually I do” Heidi said “When I was in California at that revival Pastor Rob Landon from Bridal Ridge Christian Church was there and he spoke about it. He was telling the audience how humbly proud he was to announce that Broken Lives Recovery Fellowship was in almost every church in the country now and their success rate was astounding on addiction recovery. I haven’t been there for years but I am positive that the group still meets at Seven Mile and probably uses the same curriculum that Rob wrote.

“Hold on, Rob Landon is connected to Broken Lives? I knew he wrote “A Well Designed Life” but I didn’t know that he was involved with Broken Lives.”

Yes, Heidi confirmed “Bridal Ridge wrote the material that we used in Broken Lives Fellowship Group when we were there. That was Rob Landon’s message at the Valley Revival how the material he wrote for “the program” was in nearly every church in the country and that Broken Lives program had been significantly if not entirely responsible for the transformation of up to eighty percent of the broken homes and restoring families. It is making a significant impact on the churches and communities across the nation. To hear him talk about it, it is probably global now.”

“Hmm…” Robin wondered, “I heard some time ago that Pastor Rob was coming alongside the Most Holy Bishop in France. He was reaching out to bring Muslims, Christians and Holy Mother of Apostles together and had implied that we all serve the same God! I also heard that he said in an interview that gays would go to heaven. I have friends that are all worked up over that! ”

“I didn’t hear any one mention that at the Valley Revival.” Heidi said.

Robin got her phone out of her purse and searched the internet for the Valley Revival. When she found it she played it for both of them watching as the Bishop pronounced on stage how he wished to honor Protestant’s faith and beliefs with a holy kiss claiming that both faiths had common ground and needed to acknowledge their differences to be unified together.”

Listening to it made Robin’s stomach churn and she told Heidi “Oh! That is just not right! In the book of Revelation an angel reprimanded John twice for bowing down to him. This is way off here!”

Robin continued to search and then handing the phone to Heidi said “Oh it looks like I am not the only one that thinks this is warped” People are talking about this everywhere!

Something’s not right here, I have been hearing about this “Chrislam” movement that is spreading through churches today. It is like a unified tolerance for all of the world’s religions covered by love and it is actually blurring the lines to say that we all serve the same God. From what I have studied that is not possible! I am not saying that we shouldn’t love anyone at all. We need to. Jesus called us to. But we are also called to give and account for what the gospel stands for and that is not compromising with other religions.”

Robin thought for a moment while the waitress brought her Mocha over. After she had left, Robin said to Heidi, “I think this may be what Paul was talking about the apostasy or the falling away of the church in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Do you suppose that we could be seeing the beginning stages of the one world religion?”

“I don’t’ know Robin” Heidi had concern on her face “How can this be? I mean, are you saying that all of those people are not saved? I am not sure that I agree with that.”

“Absolutely not” Robin said “At least not yet anyway. But I am wondering if there isn’t a sinister deception taking place in many of the churches. Heidi, Satan has been at this a long time and he knows his time is short. I mean, he convinced a third of the angels in heaven to turn away from God and they even lived with Him! In Heaven! So really, who are we? Do we really think that we are wiser than the angels that dwelt with God?” Robin paused taking a sip of her coffee. “Heidi, think about this, we rely on the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us to reveal deception? But we will not hear His prompting if we are not spending time reading the word. I would wager that a majority of Christians are not studying their bibles and do not get on their knees to pray every day.

“Well I know I am in a lull right now. I just started that job in Kuna and have been over at mom’s in Oregon for the holidays. We moved into that new place… hmmm. You know? I cannot remember when it was that I honestly got on my knees to pray. Wow!” Heidi was perplexed.

“There you go! See? Any one of us can let life get ahead of our time with the Lord. That makes us complacent and in turn leaves us to trust pastors to get into the word for us. I am telling you complacent Christians are susceptible to deception. Jesus said multiple times, many will come in My name. Do not be deceived. It distinctly says in the book of Revelation when God is talking to the seven churches and specifically to the church of Laodicea, “I wish you were hot or cold but since you are lukewarm I want to vomit you out of My mouth!“

“That is really scary Robin!” Heidi said.

“No, that is a complacent and deceived Church Heidi. The thing is it is something that can be changed easily if we are made aware of what is going on.”

“Okay Robin, but what about all of the good things that are coming out of those churches? There are a ton of people getting saved and baptized. Look at all of the fruit that is coming out of those churches. They help orphanages, the homeless, Robin they are doing God’s work. Every week hundreds are coming to the Lord. Surely God is at work in these churches.”

“Right Heidi, but if these new Christians who  are being saved and are being convinced that they serve the same God as Muslims, Buddhists, Mother of Apostles and every other religion then which God is the one they are actually serving? There is only One True God and He demands that no other God be before Him. We are saved by grace and Mother Mary, Buddha or Allah cannot offer that. Only Jesus can give us the grace to forgive us of our sins because He died for us. It is conditional. We are saved when we believe that only He, Jesus died for us. Period. I am afraid these people are being deceived. The bible says that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

A deceiver is not a deceiver unless he deceives well. The Bible says not to be deceived by wolves in sheep clothing. I think that is what some of these pastors are. Unfortunately the people that are being deceived have a better relationship with the pastors deceiving them than they do with Jesus.”

“Well, say what you want Robin but I do get fed at that church. I feel good about myself when I leave there and learn a lot from their teaching. I think I will chew on the meat and spit out the bones.” Heidi said drinking her last bit of coffee.

“Ya, I don’t know Heidi, something isn’t sitting right with me on this. You know, you can boil a frog by turning up the heat a little at a time and you can turn a huge boat with a slight bump on a small rudder. The bible says “A little leaven leavens the whole lump!”

Just be careful you don’t choke on a bone!