Chapter Twenty Five

As the girls walked back into the conference the next morning refreshed from a good night’s sleep, they could feel the energy coursing through the crowd. Robin wondered if the energy was coming from the Spirit’s presence and the women’s conference in general or was it in anticipation for the Meadow Song presentation. Based on the murmuring going on in the ladies bathroom, she would say the latter.

Since Erica and Linda had shared their testimony the night before, several women had come and embraced Linda. Robin could tell that the love they shared with her had greatly impacted Linda and she was coming out of her shell with confidence. She had acquired a direct kind of love with little tolerance for compromise after living on the street. She had seen the other side of life and knew the consequences of rebellion and how compromising with the world lead to destruction quickly. Young women struggling with rebellion in their marriage or family life at home were drawn to her and because she had lived that life on the street could relay directly to them firsthand dangers of that life that most people never hear about. Her testimony was very powerful and during the breaks she always had a group of young women around her. Robin watched her and was amazed at the transformation that she had witnessed in Linda in just a week. God was pouring His Spirit into her quickly; her discernment was sharp and definitely a God given gift. She read people well and Robin sensed that she wondered about Heidi.

After lunch Monica came out onstage with the Seven Mile Christian Church musicians and began to play the latest Meadow Song hit song. One by one the surprise guest entertainment that had been leaked out so effectively came out on the stage joining them. Monica was in her element as the four men came onto the stage dressed as construction workers. The women stood up applauding them. Robin remained seated and could not see the stage. Suddenly there were great cheers across the room and Heidi started whistling and saying, “ Whoo Hoo!!!” while moving toward the front of the stage.

Erica and Linda turned to Robin with complete shock on their faces. Robin stood up and saw that the musicians for Meadow Song were dressed as four construction workers, with the lead singer not dressed at all! Robin was aghast! She looked around the room and the majority of the women were working their way forward surrounding the stage. What had just happened? How did this go from a Christian Women’s Conference to a lady’s night strip club in a matter of seconds? There were only a handful of women that were as shocked as she was. She looked back at the stage and there were women tucking money into the pockets of the musician’s tool belt. Both Erica and Linda came over to where Robin was standing in utter shock. “What is going on, mom?” Erica asked.

“I don’t know but it is completely inappropriate!” Robin answered and then abruptly said, “and we are leaving!”

They gathered up their belongings and headed towards the exit with a handful of other women joining them.

Robin saw Pastor Mike watching the scene on stage next to Katie, the secretary, and they were both enjoying the show. Pastor Mike caught Robin’s eyes of disgust and his smile disappeared.