Chapter Twenty Four

The work Sam wanted to accomplish on the property went over and over in his mind preventing him from sleeping. All he was doing was tossing and turning so he slipped out of bed and quietly got dressed. Robin and the girls had returned later than planned from the conference and had stayed up half the night talking so he knew she was exhausted.

He started the coffee and took a shower in the main bathroom so as not to wake her up. He had packed his bag and put it in the truck the night before so he was ready to leave. He was leaning over the island countertop going over his list of the things he needed to take from the barn when he heard someone coming down the stairs. Robin came in the kitchen wearing her purple t-shirt, her eyes squinting at the bright light. “I reached over and you were not there,” she said.

“Yeah, I was tossing and turning so bad I was afraid I was going to wake you.”

She came to him with her arms in front of her and he wrapped his arms around her. “Were you going to say good bye?” she said sleepily.

“Yes, honey, before I left I was going to come in and give you a kiss. I didn’t want to wake you. You had a late night.”

“Yeah, it was fun. Erica and Linda shared their testimony together. It was really good. I talked some more with Heidi about Ben. I wish he would call. ”

“I know honey. I wish he would too but he has to figure things out for himself.” Sam said rocking her back and forth.

“I know, it’s just hard,” She said nuzzling into his neck. “What time are you leaving?” she teased.

“I have time!” he laughed, squeezing her.

“Shhh…” Robin whispered, “Heidi is asleep on the couch in the other room!”

Sam laughed. “That would be awkward!”

Robin swatted his butt saying, “I made you a lunch and some snacks in the refrigerator in the mudroom.”

“Man! How’d I get so lucky getting you?”

“God knew you needed help!” she laughed. “When are you going to be back?”

“Probably Sunday night,” he said.

“Okay, please talk to Cory about Monica. I will be praying for you.”

“Thanks, honey, I will. I love you.”

“I love you too Sam. Please be careful!”

She walked out to the truck and laid her hands on the hood of the truck and on Sam’s shoulder and prayed. “Dear Heavenly Father I ask that you please watch over my husband and our dog and ask that you cover them, the property and this truck with the blood of Jesus. Guide them with your firm hand and give him wisdom, in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

Sam said, “Thanks honey.” As he opened the door, Marty jumped into the front seat. Robin watched Marty sitting next to Sam drive down the driveway. She had an uneasy feeling in her stomach. He watched her in her purple t-shirt and thick black glasses in the rear view mirror disappear as the garage door went down, thanking the Lord for her.

Sam stopped by the gas station on the way over to Cory’s topping off trucks fuel tanks including the seventy five gallon tank behind the cab and filled five additional jerry cans with diesel. He wasn’t sure how much they needed to get the work done, but wanted to take advantage of having the equipment on site and did not want to waste time running back to town to get more fuel.

When he got to Cory’s place, Cory was binding down the equipment on the trailer. Cory asked Sam to grab a pipe next to the shop as a cheater for tightening the chains. As Sam walked by the window, he noticed Monica’s car parked back behind the shop. It was a weird place to park her car and Sam asked Cory if there was something wrong with it.

“Yeah, she blew a head gasket in it, so she needs to either get it fixed or buy a new car. I told her that she and Tyler could stay here until she got on her feet. She is driving my car in the meantime.”

“Oh! Hmmm,” Sam stuttered,. He didn’t know quite what to say. He wasn’t expecting Cory would come right out and blatantly admit Monica was living with him and the way he explained it made perfect sense. She needed help and he was helping her out. Surely they were sleeping in separate rooms and everything was on the up and up.

Cory could tell that Sam was shocked and said, “Yeah, I know it isn’t right but it is actually working out pretty good. I told you before that I didn’t really want to get married anyway. I think she is getting accustomed to it.”

“Yeah, I remember you saying that. I just wonder what people in the church are going to say.” Well so much for that theory, Sam thought.

“You know? Monica told Pastor Mike that she needed to stay here for a while. He told her that she really shouldn’t, but, really, that is all that has been said. Besides, he isn’t going to say anything. He wants my tithe check every two weeks.” Cory said laughing. “What’s he going to do? Kick me out of the church?”

Sam thought to himself, Boy, when Robin hears this she is going to blow a gasket!

Sam was leaning up against the tracks on the excavator and asked, “Cory, you know so much about the bible and end time prophecy and you have told me multiple times how we are in the midst of it; it blows me away that you are willing to live with Monica instead of marrying her? I don’t get it. As much knowledge as you have about God, I would think that you would be afraid of Him coming down on you with this decision.”

“Yes, I know!” Cory said. “Me too! I know better and you would have thought that I would feel guilty about this, but I don’t’. I even know that this is probably a mistake! It is really weird!” he said, finishing up with the last binder. “Monica felt guilty initially, but now she is fine with it too. We are going to go with; God’s grace is sufficient on this!”

“I sure hope it is for your sake! “ Sam felt guilty saying that as soon as the words came out of his mouth. Surely God’s grace is sufficient. After all, how big is your God, Sam? “I know one thing, I will sure feel a lot better when we get a place set up to bug out when it hits the fan! I was up all night thinking about what we needed to have to get ready.” Sam said.

“I think this is a wise move Sam. Looking around at the world right now and the decisions that our leaders are making, I can see where this country is going to fold up soon and it is going to be wise to be self sufficient.” Cory said. “I think we are going to need to get a group of like minded people together and have a plan set up not for if things go south, but for when they do!”

Sam thought about the irony in what Cory had just said, calling out the leaders of the country for dropping their standard, but wasn’t he doing the same thing with Monica?