This is an online novel about the “End of Days” based about how I believe what prophecy in the bible says will take place soon. A new chapter will be added each day. This is fictional, but has references to things that are occurring right now marked with a hyperlink. I encourage you to look these events up your self and make your own decision of how this will play out.  I will also post items for you to look up in the resource page. Jesus said He would come back. To be clear I do not claim to know when Jesus will return but do believe we are living in the last days and the storm is coming. I do believe that there is a set number of grains in the hourglass of time as we know it and the sand is  moving at a constant pace. One day it will be finished.

My take on His imminent return is: Hope for a pre tribulation rapture, plan for a post tribulation rapture and keep looking up for however it pans out!

I hope you enjoy reading!

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